Dungeon23 January Wrap-up


The first level is done!

I'm pretty happy with how it looks.  I got kind of stumped the last week in coming up with rooms that made sense, but my best progress came when I stopped overthinking it and just put something down.  That ended up being an archery practice room, which led to a whole slew of new ideas for the dungeon itself.  Now, each floor has a Test, originally designed as a way of testing the youth and preparing them for a leadership role within the community.  Each Test Room is now a puzzle room with a magic item at the end.  The Test of Aim, on this floor, requires hitting a bullseye on a target from the opposite end of the room (or just pushing the bullseye, since it's just a button) which opens a secret door to a room with a Sentient Black Bow on an altar.  The Bow contains the soul of a great hunter in the tribe, who tells its wielder old hunting tales and warns of danger.  Obviously, specificity is needed: what was his name, what is the bow's name, what are some sample tales, and is "warns of danger" a good power or a lame one.  But this entry, like everything else in these rooms-a-day, is just the skeleton.  Meat comes later.


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